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AHA's Humanist Arts Award Winner: Steve Benson

by Senior Campus Organizer
This year, the American Humanist Association awarded its annual Humanist Arts Award to Pulitzer-Prize winning cartoonist and satirist Steve Benson .

Secular Student Alliance Best New Affiliate Award Winner: BASS

Leslie A. Zukor is a junior at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. She is majoring in Linguistics with a concentration in Classics. The founder of the Reed Secular Alliance, Zukor has been instrumental in bringing such noted speakers as Daniel Dennett, Chris Mooney, and David Halperin to her campus. Aside from freethought activism, her twin passions are Houston Astros baseball and squirrel photography.

Legislation we're watching: abstinence-only sex ed

We lost. The House voted on 7/19 to pass the Appropriations bill without any change to the increase for abstinence-only sex ed funding. This entry remains online for reference. For more information, see the Secular Coalition for America Web site. Background: The U.S. House of Representatives will vote on federal funding for abstinence-only sex ed during the week of July 16.

SSA eMpirical No. 20

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