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AAI Community Cooperation Award Opportunity


Atheist Alliance International (AAI) is pleased to announce that the 2007 Community Cooperation Award has increased to $575!! Deadline for application is July 31, 2007. We've just been told that student groups are eligible for this award!


Did Atheism Imitate Religion at the New Humanism Conference?

Take organized atheism and humanism. Mix in some of the powerful elements of religion - buildings, ceremonies, beneditions, and singing. How close can the two get while remaining true to themselves? August Brunsman, executive director of the SSA, writes these thoughts on the subject.

Fall Freethought Conference Update

This fall, two spectacular freethought events are in the works. If you're getting back to school and looking for something to do, check out these events!
This just in! Christopher Hitchens and Julia Sweeney have been added to the FFRF conference program!

Lobbying for Humanism - A First-Hand Perspective


Brendan Dieffenbach is one of the SSA's summer interns, hard at work in the SSA office in Albany, NY. One of his opportunities took him on a trip lobbying the New York state legislature. Here, he writes about his experiences during his first lobbying journey. This article first appeared in the Humanist Network News.

Brendan D.


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