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IHS Seeks to Hire E-zine Editor, Offers Public Policy Internship


The Institute for Humanist Studies is now hiring a 20-hour per week editor for its weekly Humanist Network News e-zine.

HNN is a specialty online magazine dedicated to publishing news and views relating to humanism, a non-religious philosophy based on science, reason and compassion.

The editor will work with the staff of the Institute for Humanist Studies and contributing writers to edit and publish one entire edition of HNN per week.

Send the Secular Student Alliance back to school

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In just a few weeks thousands of atheist, agnostic, humanist, and secular students will descend on campuses everywhere. Waiting to greet them will be dorm monitors, professors, friends new and old, and all kinds of clubs: the Campus Crusade for Christ, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Agape, New Life, Newman Catholic Center, Hillel ....

Wait a minute. Wouldn't you like to see some secular student groups included in the mix? Of course -- and that's where the Secular Student Alliance comes in. We exist for one reason: to help secular students find other secular students. And we're good at it: last year our base of sustainable campus groups expanded from 60 to 80, and we hired a regional organizer in southern California. But we're a long way from giving every secular student a campus community, and we need your help. Every bit of our work is funded by atheists, agnostics, humanists, and other freethinkers who care about secular youth. We are an independent, democratic organization which would not exist except for the generosity and loyalty of our many friends in the freethought movement.

Fall Involvement Fair - The Second Most Important Event of the Year


The most important event for your student group every year is electing officers for the next year. But the second most important event of the year for your student group is the fall involvement fair. These events are typically held the week that classes start (or sometimes the week before). They are attended by almost all freshmen and lots of returning students as well. Having a table at these fairs is the single best recruiting opportunity you'll have for your group all year. Here I'll suggest some very simple goals to focus on to make the most out of your involvement fair.

Secular Student Alliance Hiring New York City Campus Organizer

The Secular Student Alliance is seeking applicants for a part-time Regional Campus Organizer (RCO). This is an hourly position with a high degree of independence and responsibility.


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