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SSA Annual Conference Successfully Holds Service Opportunities for the First Time!


Conference organizing takes blood, sweat, and tears, but this year we also set up opportunities to give blood and sign up to donate bone marrow! We’ve heard from our affiliate groups that service is an important part of their work to create secular communities, and part of our focus here at National (where we occasionally host our own blood drives).

At SSA West, we hosted Be The Match on Friday as attendees and speakers arrived in Phoenix so that they could sign up to be included in the national bone marrow registry. Be The Match is an organization that supports leukemia and lymphoma patients by managing the largest and most diverse bone marrow registry in the world. They assist doctors and those in need in finding donors that meet the needs of the patient. Joining the registry is quick and requires only some paperwork and a quick cheek swab.

Success! 17 of our attendees arrived, picked up their conference materials, stopped for a cheek swab, and volunteered to save a life.  We are very proud of this turnout, and hope to work more with Be The Match in the future. Michael Lamble, an alum of the Northwestern SSA affiliate group donated bone marrow through Be The Match in 2013 and says of his experience:

“I'd do it all over again, if I had to. If I were in need of a marrow transplant, I would certainly want someone to donate for me. With that in mind, I feel as though it is fitting that I was prepared to donate myself, when called. I strongly encourage everyone to register. Who knows? You could save a life!”

News Conference at SSA East, Saturday July 12, 2014




Columbus, OH – The Secular Student Alliance hosts the Eastern half of its Annual Conference, and brings some of the best experts in legal, political, and cultural activism to train up the next generation.

Young Americans are the most secular demographic in the population, with about a third of those younger than 30 claiming no religious affiliation, and they’re showing up to demand that religious intrusion into science classrooms, doctor’s offices, and government spaces be pushed back.

Young leaders are using social media and their voices to rally, organize, and show the country and the world that the days of giving a pass to policies and ideas that promote a specific worldview will not continue much longer!

In fact, secular Americans are demanding a place in American society, and the youngest voting Americans—and those who are soon to be of voting age—are making some of the greatest progress.

Conference Location:

The Hays Cape Room, 3rd Floor Ohio Union The Ohio Union is located at 1739 N. High Street, at the corner of 12th Avenue and High Street. Driving directions to both the High Street and College Road entrances, from the surrounding Central Ohio areas.

Contact: Jamila Bey 614-441-9588 ext. 101  [email protected]

Secular Student Alliance Seeks Communications Associate


The Secular Student Alliance is changing the world, one secular student at a time. We are looking for a social media savvy person who takes pride in their superior organizational skills, ability to get along with people, and has a drive to amplify the voices of secular students to join our team as our new Communications Associate.

The Communications Associate will provide overall support for the SSA’s communications activities. The Communications Associate will work closely with the Director of Communications and other SSA staff to achieve timely, accurate, and relevant communications. These communications advance SSA’s mission and inform others about the activities of the SSA’s affiliate groups and individual student activists.

Duties will include writing content for the SSA's website, editing email newsletters, and managing social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. YouTube proficiency and having multi-media and/or video editing skills are a huge plus.

The Communications Associate will be an essential part of our team at our national offices in Columbus, Ohio. The Director of Communications is based in Washington, DC, so working well with a remote manager is a necessity. While this position reports to the Director of Communications, much of the the position involves working directly with other SSA staff to complete projects. Demonstrated ability to execute projects in a timely and independent manner is required.

SSA Regrets Supreme Court Decision Denying Health Care if Religious Bosses Wish


June 30, 2014

Contact: Jamila Bey
Phone: (614) 441-9588 x101
Email: [email protected] 

Secular Student Alliance Laments Supreme Court Ruling to Permit For-Profit Employers to Deny Employees Contraceptive Health Care Coverage Ruling will Negatively Affect Students Who Remain on The Insurance Plans of Parent or Who Themselves Work for Companies Who Claim the Exception to the Affordable Care Act Contraceptive Coverage Mandate 

COLUMBUS, OH – The Secular Student Alliance is distressed by the ruling which will allow employers to deny workers contraceptive coverage based on the religious bent of the owners of a company.

In the 5-4 Burwell v. Hobby decision, the Roberts court ruled that a closely held company may not be made to cover reproductive care that is considered in violation of the religious beliefs of the owner(s) of the company. 

This ruling will potentially eliminate millions of women from having safe and reliable contraceptive health care included in their employer-covered plans.  A major benefit to students under the Affordable Care Act is that a person enrolled in college may remain on a parent's health care plan until age 26.  However, denying contraceptive care to women during the years in which they are most likely to conceive seriously diminishes the benefit of the increased age limit under the ACA.


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