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Secular Student Alliance Design Exchange


The Secular Student Alliance is proud to host  the Design Exchange, a library of flyers, tabling supplies, advertisements, t-shirt designs, and more that student freethought groups across the country have successfully utilized on their campuses. The SSA has always felt that the most valuable resource within the student movement is the ingenuity and creativity of our grassroots activists.

You can view the current collection of designs below. They are sorted into categories based on their function. Of course, you can feel free to download and tweak them to meet your group's needs.

Share and share alike! We hope that you will not only gain ideas from the designs in the gallery, but also offer your group's designs to be posted so that other affiliates can benefit from your ideas! If you would like to submit one or more of your designs to the Exchange, feel free to use our flyer submission form or e-mail your design to [email protected]. Please remember that while a PDF is lovely to look at, it is difficult to edit - please send us the original file format whenever possible so that borrowers may make the most of it!

Flyers to Advertise Meetings
Click here to view flyer ideas and examples for your group's meetings

Special Events Flyers
Click here to view flyers that have been used to advertise special events

Group Advertising Flyers
Click here to view flyers to advertise your group

Printable Tabling Supplies and Brochures
Click here to view tabling supplies
that your group can print and use

T-Shirt Designs
Click here to view t-shirt design ideas for your group

Button Designs
Click here to view button designs and make your own with a button maker

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