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Student Memberships for your SSA Group


SSA Affiliate Members

Now you can sign up your SSA affiliate or starting group members to become student members of the national Secular Student Alliance!  We've created an easy, streamlined process for you to sign up your entire group at once, and you get extra swag as part of the deal! If your group is a bit unconfortable giving out their personal information, you can always encourage them to sign themselves up through our individual student memberships.

Why sign up as a group?

  • Your members will have a better sense of identity and belonging with SSA National
  • Your members will become part of the larger secular student community, not just your campus group
  • Everyone gets extra SSA swag that you don't get if you sign up online
  • SSA National saves money on postage by mailing your group's membership cards and swag in bulk

How do I sign up my group?

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(requires Google account)
  1. Tell your group about the program!  Let them know about the SSA's Student Membership program and the benefits they get so that they know they're a member and are excited to be involved.
  2. Collect your group's information.  There are two ways you can do this.  You can download this Excel spreadsheet and enter the information for each member.  Or, if you have a Google Apps account, you can use the webform included in this Google Doc - just follow the instructions there. 
    1. Make sure you include your school and group name as well as a mailing address for us to send your swag to.
    2. Please make sure you provide us with accurate information about your members' preferences regarding mailings and sharing.  We don't want your members to be angry with us!
  3. Send us the information.  You can email us the spreadsheet or share your copy of the Google Doc with us at [email protected]
  4. Bask in your accomplishment!  You'll get your box of membership cards and swag in just a few weeks.

Common Questions

What do you do with my group's information?
We'll add your members' information to our membership database, and if (and only if!) we have permission, we'll share that information with other secular organizations with which we work, such as the Secular Coalition for America.  We never sell any contact information, and we will not trade contact information for individuals who have not given us permission to do so.

Will you contact my group's members?
Yes, the members of your group will receive monthly Student Membership newsletters as well as the occasional special opportunity for students or SSA members.  (We really do mean occasional - we hate getting overwhelmed by promo email, too)  We will not solicit your members for donations.

What kind of benefits do SSA student members get?
Every student member will get a membership card, SSA vinyl window cling, sticker, and welcome letter.  We'll also send extra goodies to groups that sign up in bulk, such as gel bracelets or buttons.  Student members are also eligible for discounted rates and leadership travel aid to SSA events, and will receive the SSA's monthly student member e-newsletter.

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